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Enrollment Packets

Enrollment Packets


How our program works

Students may enroll at any time during the school year.  Out of district students must obtain an Interdistrict Transfer (IDT) from their home district before enrolling. You can download the Home School Enrollment Packet from the Locker above.  The completed enrollment packet will be processed once the IDT has been approved.  

Once enrolled, students are given credit for all work completed to date.  Classes in all required areas are assigned when the student enrolls.  All books and materials are provided free of charge.  Students work at their own pace with parent supervision and assistance.

Students meet with their teacher weekly or bi-weekly to review their work and receive new assignments.  A Weekly Assignment Sheet details the objectives and assignments for the next assignment period.  Students receive attendance credit for work that is completed and then assessed by the supervising teacher.  This ensures that the student and parent are aware of the student's progress.

Templeton Home School

Home School Staff
Contact Donnia Callahan  Donnia Callahan (805) 434-4148 Home School Teacher
Contact Lisa Delgadillo  Lisa Delgadillo Teacher
Home School

Welcome to Templeton Unified School District’s K-8 Home School program. We offer a home-centered independent study instructional program designed for parents who feel that the educational goals for their children can best be met through this alternative to the traditional classroom.  Home School provides individualized instructional support and enrichment activities for parents who have the desire to assume the responsibilities of a home education for their children.
Home School teachers are highly qualified and fully credentialed.  Our teachers provide courses of study from standards based curriculum which is designed  to meet the educational needs of each student.  These courses are equivalent in content and structure to those offered in traditional schools.  Supplemental resources, skill mastery, accelerated learning and enrichment activities are all aspects of the programs that we develop to best serve each student’s needs.

Home School Campus

 Home School is located at 964 Old County Road.  We have spacious classrooms located right next to the Templeton District office.  These rooms also house our academic offices and Library. 


Home School Google Classroom and Duolingo Link

Electives are offered every Friday from 8:15- 12:30 with a variety of topics including Spanish, ceramics, science labs, technology and community service.

Box Tops for Education

Save Your Box Tops for Home School!